Stephen Grindhaug green 19

Stephen Grindhaug Collage GreenStephen Grindhaug green 17

Stephen Grindhaug green 15

Stephen Grindhaug Camo collage

Stephen Grindhaug green 12

Stephen Grindhaug green 10

Jacket – Jean Paul
Tee – Cubus
Beanie – Gina Tricot
Chinos – Bershka
Sneakers – Nike
Necklace – Weekday


Stephen Grindhaug Rick Owens PFW



Stephen Grindhaug Rick Owens PFW 2Photo: Etienne Laurent – EPA // Getty Images // Francois Guilott – AFP

Rick Owens just managed to top Rick Owens.

OMG! I wish that I could be in Paris to see this with my very own eyes! The Rick Owens Spring/Summer ’16 show was definitely something out of the ordinary. Last year models were showing their private parts through penis-baring pants during the men’s fall/winter 2015-2016 show, and this year the Paris Fashion Week women’s wear show was kicked up a notch with some, uhm, very acrobatic models carrying each other on the runway. I mean, how can we not love something this original?  Gee, I wonder how it feels walking down the runway with another person strapped around the body… (?)


_DSC3019 kopi

Sneak peek // Coming soon


Stephen Grindhaug Acid Denim jacket

Denim Jacket – H&M (clickable link)

I’m not a big fan of denim jackets – In fact, I’m not a big fan of denim in general, but this acid washed jacket with fleece lining is actually pretty cool. It gives me such hipster vibes (which I don’t think is a bad thing like many people do), and it fits perfect for both fall and spring when it’s not too cold outside. You like?


Stephen Grindhaug Vacay Snaps

Stephen Grindhaug breaking up with summer

Heey! So, I just found some old vacay snaps on my laptop that I don’t think I’ve showed you guys before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve showed you any of the photos from my last trip to Tunisia and Spain (?), but I’m the worst vacay photographer ever, so I guess I kinda did you guys a favor. Haha! :-) To be honest, I hate this time of year (fall/winter) – It’s so sad and depressing when everything dies, the leaves are turning yellow and it gets colder by the minute. Gee, I wish that we had wings and could fly away just like the birds and not come back until next summer. How awesome would that be? I mean, forgive me for being such a nerdy summer loving kid ☀


Stephen Grindhaug Tribe collage


Stephen Grindhaug Tribe

Stephen Grindhaug x Joachim Steinbru3

Stephen Grindhaug Tribe shoot model

Photo // Joachim Steinbru
Mua // Hawwa Makeup, Cecilie Bukkholm

I don’t know if you guys remember, but last month I travelled to Stavanger to shoot for my book and here’s the result! I love how the pictures turned out, so clean and simple yet cool with the black tribe-inspired body paint and everything. And yes, I know I’ve said this like a thousand times before, but I feel so crazy humbled to have gotten the opportunity to work with such amazing, kind and talented people. The fact that all parties involved has worked for free just to help me out is unbe-freaking-livable! THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ I’m also a strong believer of the quote «If you can dream it, you can do it», and I guess you all know by now that I’m hell of a dreamer, right? HAHA! No, but seriouslyAnd I’d love to know what you guys think, so feel free to drop a comment :-)


Stephen Grindhaug BlueStephen Grindhaug Blue 7

Stephen Grindhaug Blue 9Stephen Grindhaug Blue 6

Stephen Grindhaug blue 15

Stephen Grindhaug Blue 13 kopiStephen Grindhaug Blue 5Stephen Grindhaug Blue 12

Jacket – Resteröds
Hoodie – Cubus
Top + shades – Weekday
Jeans – Zara
Sneakers – Nike AF1 (adlink)

❌ ❌ ❌

Stephen Grindhaug humanitarian collageStephen-Grindhaug-humanitarian-aid151

Uten navn-1

Stephen Grindhaug humanitarian aid 01 kopi

Stephen Grindhaug collage1

Vest + cardigan + sneakers – H&M
Snapback – New Era
Shorts – Primark
Meggings – Zara
Necklace – Weekday

Okay, so I’m wearing swim shorts over my tights, who cares? What if I suddenly decide to go for a swim in the freezing water or something? I do live on an island you know, and islanders are known to be a little crazy! Ha-ha, just kidding! :-) But I did get alot of weird looks while I was walking around town yesterday. I guess it’s all about blending in, huh? Well, I think I lost that chance a long time ago when I «chose» to be gay. I just thought my outfit was a little too black so I decided to add some color to it and yeah, it looked kinda cool so I went for it! I mean relax, It’s only clothes. And last time I checked being gay wasn’t contagious, so there’s no need to go all crazy eyes on me.


Stephen Grindhaug camo 11 Stephen Grindhaug camo 1 Stephen Grindhaug camo 6 Stephen Grindhaug army collage Stephen Grindhaug camo 7 Stephen Grindhaug camo 3

Stephen camo 11 Stephen Grindhaug camo 2 Stephen Grindhaug camo 5Stephen Grindhaug camo 8

Jacket – Weekday
 Longsleeve – Junkyard
Jeans – Lee
Shoes – old


Stephen Grindhaug Kenza Zouiten finest awards 2015

Kenza and I at Finest Awards in Stockholm earlier this year

So, last month I got some very exciting news from Zalando telling me that I’ve been nominated in the category «Best fashion blog male 2015» in the nordic blogger awards (which Zalando is hosting in Copenhagen in October). How cool is that? I mean, I’ve been wanting to tell you guys for SO long, but I was told to keep quiet until yesterday, when they announced the nominees online. From here, the jury will choose one blogger from my category to represent Norway in the nordic awards, and (of course) I keep my whole body crossed that they will choose me :-) No matter what happens, if I get the chance to go to Denmark or not, I’m extremely happy, not to mention humble to know that YOU, and people out there find my blog inspiring. I put down alot of work into this, doing everything from taking pictures to publish posts myself, so getting an award for it would mean so much to me. With that being said, I hope you guys will keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, and may the best blogger win! :-) #topoftheblogs

Click here to see all the nominees.


_DSC1840 kopi



Stephen Grindhaug Fall jacket Weekday

Tube coat – Weekday

Til tross for at 95% av garderoben min består av sorte og hvite klær er jeg faktisk veldig glad i farger. Rart, ikke sant? Altså, jeg snakker ikke om å kle meg som en klovn (selv om noen sikkert syns jeg har en spesiell stil), men jeg digger farger som «popper» og gjør antrekket litt mer spennende. Se for deg denne jakken i sort, til et helsort antrekk foreksempel. Kjedelig, ikke sant? Det er selvfølgelig kult, men litt kjedelig. Og så ser du for deg det samme antrekket til denne freshe vinrøde fargen. BAM! Det blir så saftig med en gang + at den passer perfekt til høsten :-)

// Although 95% of my wardrobe consists of black and white clothing I’m actually a BIG fan of colors. Crazy, right? I mean, I don’t like to dress up like a clown or anything (although some of you may think my style is a bit weird), but I love colors that «pops», it makes the outfit a little more interesting. Try to imagine this jacket in black, with an all black outfit, kinda boring, right? I mean, it’s cool, but boring. Now try to imagine this fruity burgundy jacket with the same black outfit. BAM! So juicy + it’s perfect for fall :-)


Stephen Grindhaug truck 9 Stephen Grindhaug truck 8 Stephen Grindhaug Truck 1

Stephen grindhaug collage

_DSC1485 kopi kopi Stephen grindhaug truck 3 Stephen Grindhaug truck 2Stephen Grindhaug truck 7

Snapback – New Era
Sweater + sneakers – H&M
Shirt – Weekday
Sweats + watch – RWS


She’s SO good, don’t you think?


Stephen Grindhaug skaterboy een kopi

Stephen-Grindhaug-Skaterboy kopi

Photo: Torkel Mona // MUA: Sofie Møller // Styling by me

I’m totally in love with these photos! It looks like they’re taken straight out of a magazine or something, don’t you think? This is by far the most fashion like shoot I’ve done, and I can’t wait to do more of this stuff! :-) I’m forever grateful for all the help I’ve gotten this far on my journey to become a model, and to be honest, I never thought that I’d meet so many kind people that wants to help me just because they’re kind and not just because they want something in return. I guess we’ve all heard scary stories about people taking advantage of young and aspiring models such as myself, but I honestly don’t believe that the modeling industry is as bad as some people say it is. Maybe I’m just lucky, I don’t know, but I sure feel blessed for what I’ve managed to accomplish this far and for all the nice people that’ve helped me along the way. Never give up on your dreams ♥


Stephen mesh

Tee + shorts – Monki // Shirt + socks – Weekday // Sneakers – Vans // Watch – Nixon // Photo: Torkel Mona  // Mua: Sofie Møller

So… There’s only 12 days left of the nomination for Vixen Blog Awards 2015 and it would mean THE WORLD to me if you guys would nominate me as fashion blog of the year 2015 (clickable link). You did an amazing job by voting me to the the semi-finals last year – I love you for that ♥, but lets try to make it all the way to the finals this year and maybe we can win the whole shabam. I mean, how awesome would that be? :-)




Photo: Torkel Mona // Mua: Sofie Møller // Styling by me

 Her har dere en liten teaser fra shooten jeg hadde i Oslo for et par uker siden. Resten av bildene kommer snart – stay tuned! :-)

// Here’s a little teaser from the shoot I did in Oslo a couple of weeks ago. More photos to come – stay tuned! :-)


stephen collage leather gold blog fashion outfit

Caps HERE // Longsleeve HERE // Leather joggings HERE // Gold Sneakers HERE


ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO:

ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO:

ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO:

ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO: ECCO soft 7 launch stephen grindhaug PHOTO:

Photo: Stephen Butkus

God morgen og hei mandag! Her kommer nok et bildedryss fra Oslo. Disse bildene er fra torsdag da Aleko og jeg var invitert på lanseringsfest med ECCO for å feire deres nye soft 7-kolleksjon på white light studios. Kolleksjonen består av sorte vesker og hvite og sorte formstøpte sneakers i super mykt skinn. Trykk her for å se hele kolleksjonen. // Eventet er sponet.

// Good morning and hello Monday! Another photobomb from Oslo. These pictures are from Thursday when Aleko and I was invited to a launch party with ECCO to celebrate their new soft 7 collection at white light studios. The collection consists of black bags and black and white molded sneakers in super soft leather. Click here to see the whole collection. // Sponsed event.