Notice anything different with my hair? To be honest, this wasn’t really the color I was going for, but I think it turned out pretty cool anyway! :-) I get so easily bored when it comes to my own hair that I’m always thinking about what I can do next. Haha! With that being said, you have to be extremely careful when doing such drastic changes yourself, because in worst case scenario you could end up losing your hair, and that’s not something you want to experience! And I would know, because I’ve been there… One time I dyed my hair four times in the matter of a couple of weeks, and I could literally pull the hair out of my scalp! I know right, it’s so crazy! It looked like spaghetti and it was so damaged that I had no other choice than to trim it down from something similar to the length I have now to a couple of millimeters. Luckily for me I can pull off the buzz cut look, but I can only imagine how it would feel if someone (especially people who have long hair) had to go army short because they tried to cut down the expenses by taking matters into their own hands. And the chances of you not getting the result you want is huge. Like Donald Trump and the Mexican border wall huge! So, my advice to you is: seek a professional! Don’t go messing around with home bleaching if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, because it can fuck your hair and scalp up like crazy, and that’s not something you want. Trust me!