So here’s the thing: I’m looking for a photographer who lives in- or nearby Oslo to collaborate with! Some of you might be wondering why (considering the fact that I’m a photographer myself), but the answer is simple: 1. It’s difficult to be both in front of- and behind the camera at the same time, and 2. It’s fucking time consuming! And don’t get me wrong, because I love doing what I do, but there’s just not enough hours during the day when I have to do everything myself!

I guess you need to be a blogger to fully understand the struggle of running back and forth trying to pose while making sure the pictures turnes out the way you want – It’s not easy, that’s for sure! Especially not this time of year when everything needs to happen so fast, or else you could end up freezing to death! Ok, maybe not freeze to death, but you know what I mean. So yeah, I need someone to collaborate with asap! :-)

What I’m looking for is someone who is passionate about fashion/street style photography and who knows how to work a DSLR camera. The task is to help me a few times a week shooting outfits.This person will also be able to follow me to events/parties and so on to take photos.

Are you the one I’m looking for? Feel free to email me at with your work along with a short presentation of who you are – and then I’ll tell you more! Looking forward to your email :-)